Mail - Telegraph - Telephone (Baku-Azerbaijan).

Mail - Telegraph - Telephone (Baku).In 1818 the first post office was opened in Elizavetpol (Ganja), and post offices in Baku and other provinces of Azerbaijan began to work thereafter.
In 1868, the Siemens company commissioned the Tbilisi-Baku telegraph line.
In 1879, the Transcaspian region was added to the telegraph network of Russia. To do this, a submarine cable was laid from Baku to Krasnovodsk on the eastern shore of the Caspian Sea.
September 25, 1881 the Russian government approved the "Basic conditions for the installation and operation of city telephone messages in Russia." According to the document, the right to build and operate was granted to the entrepreneur for a period of 20 years, after which time the telephone facilities were to be transferred to the government free of charge. The government has the right to repurchase the network after 7 years, it has supervision of the network and its maintenance. The maximum charge for using the phone is set at 250 rubles …

Azerbaijan new issue of postage stamps. Azermarka 2017. Carpet. Azermarka

New post stamps issued by Azermarka in 2017 . Carpets.Published in 2017, new postage stamps are distinguished by their unique design and are devoted to one of the most vivid examples of folk art. As you know, handmade carpets of Azerbaijan are unique property of the people and differ not only in their variety, but also in rich colors and ornaments. On the postage stamps of this issue there are images of various carpet weaving schools of Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan theme on the stamps of the countries of the world. Hosrov and Shirin love legend.

Azerbaijan theme on the stamps of the countries of the world. Hosrov and Shirin love legend.Treasures of the German Library.The stamp depicts the eighteenth-century Azerbaijani manuscript "Khosrov and Shirin" from the State Library of the Federal Republic of Germany in Berlin (the former GDR). "Khosrov and Shirin" is the second poem of the classic of Persian and Azerbaijani poetry by Nizami Ganjavi from his collection "Khamsa", written from 1175/76 to 1191. The poem tells about the love of the Sasanian Shah Khosrov, who ruled Iran and the surrounding territories from 591 to 628, to Princess Shirin.

Release date: 06.19.1990
Series: Treasures of the GDR libraries.
Stamp: "Hosrov and Shirin"
Denomination: 50 pf
Michel catalog number - 3342
Catalog Scott number - 2830
Color: Multicolor
Perforation: 13: 12,5
Printing: Offset
ะกirculation: 3 million pcs.
Format of the sheet: 5 x 10


Azerbaijan new issue of postage stamps. Azermarka 2017. The musical instruments

New Azerbaijan Postage Stamps 2017. The musical instruments1. Tar 2. Kamancha 3. Saz 4. Kanun 5. Ud 6. Zurna and balaban 7.Naqara 8.Qaval

To the 100th anniversary of the birth of Qara Qarayev

New Azerbaijan postage stamps 2018. 100th anniversary of the birth of Qara QarayevThanks to the assistance of the leadership of Azemarka in providing the picture, we are pleased to present to your attention a new postal stamp which will be issued in current year (2018) in honor of the 100th anniversary of the great composer Gara Garayev. 

The postage stamp will be issued in 100,000 copies. Dimensions of the brand 28x40 mm.
from WikipediA Gara Abulfaz oghlu Garayev was a prominent Soviet Azerbaijani composer. Garayev wrote nearly 110 musical pieces, including ballets, operas, symphonic and chamber pieces, solos for piano, cantatas, songs, and marches, and rose to prominence not only in Azerbaijan SSR but also in the rest of the Soviet Union and worldwide.

Azerbaijan new postage stamps The Nature of Azerbaijan 2017 Flowers Trees

New Azerbaijan Postage Stamps 2017. The Nature of Azerbaijan Flowers Trees6 number stamps in one sheet
Ophrys caucasica Galanthus caucasicus Crocus Platanus Orientalis Parrotia Persica Pinus Eldarica

Azerbaijan new postage stamps The land of Tolerance 2017

New Azerbaijan Postage Stamps 2017 The land of tolerance series 6 number stamps in one sheet
Orthodox Church Fresco Imamzadeh Sanctuary Catholic church, stained glass
German Lutheran Church
Fire Temple

New logo of Azermarka

New logo of Azermarka Azermarka company redesigned its logo. This event was the first ever company since its foundation in 1991. In the renewed brand name elements of the Azerbaijan ornament are used, which makes it more national. The new design appeared in late 2017, which became known from the official page of the company on Facebook. New (above) and a Old logo
The new design reflects the current reality and demonstrates a new wave of the company's development. As you know, Azermarka is a state company of Azerbaijan responsible for the production and distribution of postage stamps and other postal signs of the country. The history of the company begins in 1991 after the declaration of independence of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Since 1992, Azermarka produces a variety of standard and commemorative stamps, reflecting the general and local philatelic themes. The company also issues first-day covers (FDC) and other related products. Over the years, the company has delighted philatel…

The nature of Azerbaijan. New Azerbaijan Postage Stamps 2017. Part 2

The nature of Azerbaijan. New Azerbaijan Postage Stamps 2017. Part 2Mud volcanoes.Azerbaijan is known as a unique and classically developed region of mud volcanoes, most of which are found around Baku and Absheron Peninsula. Some of then classified as natural monuments. Azerbaijan is the world leader in terms of the number and density of mud volcanoes.Lake Goygol / Gheyghel.Created at the elevation of 1556 meters above the sea level on the side of the Kyapaz Mountain in 1139, Goygol Lake is unique as a natural phenomeon. It is 96 meters deep, 2800 meters long and 1000 meters wide. One can see through 13 meters of water at the Goygol. Interestingly enough, the three different layers-the fresh water, the transition layer and the sulfuric water layer-never mix. Ilandag.Ilandag is in Julfa Province. The volcanic mountain is 2415 m high. The researches have arrived at the conclusion that Ilandag was used as an observation post in the time anon.
source: Azermarka part 1 of the new 2017 issue …

The nature of Azerbaijan. New Azerbaijan Postage Stamps 2017

The nature of Azerbaijan. New Azerbaijan Postage Stamps 2017Khizi Mountains Mount BazarduzuMount IlandaqLake GoygolLala DuzuTufandag mountainMud volcanoGold autumn

source: Azermarka