Thursday, 17 August 2017

Stamps with an error - Space and Astronomy. Europe 2009.

Stamps with an error - Space and Astronomy. Europe 2009. Nasreddin Tusi (1201-1274). Observatory in Shamakhi. Azerbaijan.

Monday, 7 August 2017

1140 postage stamps on various topics have been issued in Azerbaijan over 25 years

1140 postage stamps on various topics have been issued in Azerbaijan over 25 years

25 years have elapsed since the establishment of Azermarka LLC of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies, which issues and distributes postage stamps in our country. Azermarka was established on July 14, 1992.  Yet, the history of creation of postage stamps in Azerbaijan is much older. The first postage stamp was issued in our country in 1919.  It was devoted to the Azerbaijani soldier.

From 1992, the philatelic sphere has been developing more successfully in our country. Thus, 1140 postage stamps on various topics, 14 types of stamped envelopes and hundreds of various types of unstamped envelopes have been released and put on sale in Azerbaijan in this period.    
Postage stamps dedicated to the independence, state attributes, economic development,  fauna and flora, national holidays, architectural monuments,  prominent political and public figures of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as Garabagh and important events held in the country have been issued and put into circulation. The same postage stamps have been issued abroad as well.
Besides, 17 postage stamps have been issued jointly with international organizations and 12 countries of the world.
Despite the fact that our young state started issuing postage stamps relatively recently, during the years of its independence, Azerbaijan's postage stamps arouse much interest among philatelists across the world. Today, the postage stamps of Azerbaijan are successfully demonstrated in many international philatelic exhibitions held worldwide, including  in Russia, France, Germany, England, China, Israel, Spain and Belgium.  

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

2017.Kyrgyzstan, IVth Islamic Solidarity Sport Games, Azerbaijan, Baku 2017

Kyrgyz Express Post - the official postal operator of Kyrgyzstan Newsletter no. 23. The 4th Islamic Solidarity Games 

On May 26th 2017 the State Committee for Information Technology and Communications of the Kyrgyz Republic puts into circulation a series of Kyrgyz Express Post postage stamps: “The 4th Islamic Solidarity Games”. 

The 4th Islamic Solidarity Games were held in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, from 12 to 22 May 2017. Athletes from 57 countries took part in these games which were held under the auspices of the Islamic Solidarity Sports Federation (ISSF). The competitive program included 21 different sports; about 3,500 athletes from the Islamic world competed for 262 award sets. 

The 4th Islamic Solidarity Games were held under the motto: "Solidarity is our strength!". 

Kyrgyzstan was represented at the Islamic Games by about 70 athletes who participated in 11 sports and showed excellent results. The athletes of our country won 17 medals, of which 4 gold, 5 silver and 8 bronze. 

According to the final results of these games Kyrgyzstan took the 10th place out of 57 participating countries. 

A new series of KEP postage stamps includes 4 miniatures depicting the following sports: wrestling, weightlifting, table tennis and football (soccer).

 No. 59. 50 KGS. Wrestling. 
No. 60. 50 KGS. Weightlifting.  
 No. 61. 75 KGS. Table tennis.  No. 62. 100 KGS. Football (soccer). 

Technical specifications.

Paper: coated, gummed, 105 g/m2 . 
Printing method: full-colour offset lithography. 
Stamps perforation: comb 14:14½. 
Stamps size: 46.00 х 27.50 mm. 
Sheets size: 113.00 x 108.00 mm. 
Collective sheet size: 113.00 x 108.00 mm. 
Stamps are issued in sheetlets of 6 stamps and in a collective sheet of 4 stamps (1 complete set). 
Quantity issued: 9 500 pieces each stamp, including the quantity of the collective minisheet — 3 500 pieces. 
Designer: Vitaliu Pogolșa. 
Printer House: “Nova Imprim”. 

Thursday, 15 June 2017

First 2018 Scott Standard catalog out: What has changed?

From the Scott Editors — By Donna Houseman

Excerpt of the article on the postage stamps of Azerbaijan

2018 Scott Standard Vol. 1B

The majority of the more than 800 value changes in Azerbaijan point downward and are concentrated in the issues of 1996-2014. A good deal of the market uncertainty surrounding modern Azerbaijan issues has dissipated. As a result, values for these stamps are no longer italicized.

Vol. 1B Editorial Enhancements

In addition to the many updated notes of clarification throughout the listings in this volume, new varieties and other editorial enhancements have been made.

The National Republic first issue of Azerbaijan has been expanded to include varieties printed on grayish paper. These new listings are Scott 1A-10A. The heading above Nos. 1-10 now indicates that these stamps were printed on white paper.