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Regional Transitions Azerbaijan 1917-1991

Regional Transitions Azerbaijan 1917-1991
Russian Empire 1917, OctoberSBRussian Revolution 1917, October Transcaucasia Federation 1918, AprilSB1918, May 28 Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan 1920, April 28SBRed Army invades Caucasus region 1920, April 28 Azerbaijan SSR 12 March, 1922SBSOVIET UNION 12 March 1922 Transcaucasian SSFR 1935, December 29SBTSSFR Joins Soviet Union (1922, Dec 29) 1936, January 1 Azerbaijan SSR 1991, August 30

Collapse of the Soviet Union 1991, August 18 Republic of AzerbaijanSB
S-Issued stamps
B-Issued banknotes

Revaluation of stamps with metallic numbering box (black color) 20th May.1922

New updates added to the section related to revaluation of stamps with metallic numbering box (black color) 20th May.1922 .Information includes image/description/nominal price and surcharges
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Revaluation with numbering box # 1

The width of the five digits (for comparison is taken surcharge "15000") is 19-19,5 mm, height: 6 mm, the width of the last three zero on the horizontal axis of the ellipse of 11.5 mm. Figures are slightly elongated in the vertical axis

Revaluation with numbering box # 2

Inscription of few numbers expanded in the horizontal axis, the contours of the digit "5" not correspond to the manner of writing the other digits. The width of five digits in the comparison to surcharge "15000" is 20.5 mm, height of digits is 5,75-6 mm, width of the last three zeros 12 mm.