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Postal history of Azerbaijan: Air Mail (Airmail)

Postal history of Azerbaijan: Air Mail (Airmail) According to the Azerbaijani news agency "AzadInform", the first flight of the mail plane on the territory of Azerbaijan was held in 1921 - 2 years before the start of passenger air traffic.This flight has made the veteran of aviation Arkady Romanovich Romanov on the first post-cargo aircraft in Baku.

Thus was born the Azerbaijanairmail ...
In June 1922 through Soviet territory had been laid second international avia magistral. 
The company "Junkers-Lyuftverner" started flights between Sweden-Persia through Moscow, Kharkov and Baku. Provides passenger and transit postal and cargo services.
The next step in the history of air mail Azerbaijan is connected with the creation of "Azdobrolet" - a branch of the Russian JSC "Dobrolet". JSC "Azdobrolet" worked on a commercial basis and engaged in the carriage of passengers, mail and cargo.

The newspaper "Baku Worker" wrote in 1923: 
"The …