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Old Azerbaijan cover, violet overprint. 1922

1922, violet overprint (30x3.5mm) "Bakinskoy G.P.T.O.N 1" over black surcharge 66,000 on 2000r blue and black, used on piece, VF and rare.

Old mail cover Azerbaijan 1922, three surcharged stamps.

1922, three surcharged stamps, including horizontal pair, used on reverse of registered cover from Surakhany to Poltava Govt, arrival dates and all appropriate markings.

Old mail cover Azerbaijan order

1920, money order for 120,999 ruble from Nukha to Kutkashen, franked with 121 stamps of 50 ruble in strips and large blocks, 15 values (8 - truncated) affixed on money order, all others affixed over added piece of paper, all appropriate markings.

Old cover Azerbaijan 1920 from Baku to Astrakhan.

1920. National issue, 10 ruble multicolored, used on postcard, which was sent by registered mail from Baku to Astrakhan, Baku postal censorship marking.