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First 2018 Scott Standard catalog out: What has changed?

From the Scott Editors — By Donna HousemanExcerpt of the article on the postage stamps of Azerbaijan
2018 Scott Standard Vol. 1BThe majority of the more than 800 value changes in Azerbaijan point downward and are concentrated in the issues of 1996-2014. A good deal of the market uncertainty surrounding modern Azerbaijan issues has dissipated. As a result, values for these stamps are no longer italicized. Vol. 1B Editorial EnhancementsIn addition to the many updated notes of clarification throughout the listings in this volume, new varieties and other editorial enhancements have been made.
The National Republic first issue of Azerbaijan has been expanded to include varieties printed on grayish paper. These new listings are Scott 1A-10A. The heading above Nos. 1-10 now indicates that these stamps were printed on white paper.

Cancellation 1997

Special Cancellation of Azerbaijan Stamps 1997Gobustan. Date of issue. 30/11/1997The 125th Anniversary of Azerbaijani Oil Drilling. Date of issue.18/08/1997 Azerbaijan mosques. Date of issue. 04/02/1997

Cancellation 1996

Special Cancellation of Azerbaijan Stamps 1996.Azerbaijan people's artist H. Aliyev - 85.