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Azerbaijan new postage stamps The Nature of Azerbaijan 2017 Flowers Trees

New Azerbaijan Postage Stamps 2017. The Nature of Azerbaijan Flowers Trees6 number stamps in one sheet
Ophrys caucasica Galanthus caucasicus Crocus Platanus Orientalis Parrotia Persica Pinus Eldarica

Azerbaijan new postage stamps The land of Tolerance 2017

New Azerbaijan Postage Stamps 2017 The land of tolerance series 6 number stamps in one sheet
Orthodox Church Fresco Imamzadeh Sanctuary Catholic church, stained glass
German Lutheran Church
Fire Temple

New logo of Azermarka

New logo of Azermarka Azermarka company redesigned its logo. This event was the first ever company since its foundation in 1991. In the renewed brand name elements of the Azerbaijan ornament are used, which makes it more national. The new design appeared in late 2017, which became known from the official page of the company on Facebook. New (above) and a Old logo
The new design reflects the current reality and demonstrates a new wave of the company's development. As you know, Azermarka is a state company of Azerbaijan responsible for the production and distribution of postage stamps and other postal signs of the country. The history of the company begins in 1991 after the declaration of independence of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Since 1992, Azermarka produces a variety of standard and commemorative stamps, reflecting the general and local philatelic themes. The company also issues first-day covers (FDC) and other related products. Over the years, the company has delighted philatel…