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Mail - Telegraph - Telephone (Baku-Azerbaijan).

Mail - Telegraph - Telephone (Baku).In 1818 the first post office was opened in Elizavetpol (Ganja), and post offices in Baku and other provinces of Azerbaijan began to work thereafter.
In 1868, the Siemens company commissioned the Tbilisi-Baku telegraph line.
In 1879, the Transcaspian region was added to the telegraph network of Russia. To do this, a submarine cable was laid from Baku to Krasnovodsk on the eastern shore of the Caspian Sea.
September 25, 1881 the Russian government approved the "Basic conditions for the installation and operation of city telephone messages in Russia." According to the document, the right to build and operate was granted to the entrepreneur for a period of 20 years, after which time the telephone facilities were to be transferred to the government free of charge. The government has the right to repurchase the network after 7 years, it has supervision of the network and its maintenance. The maximum charge for using the phone is set at 250 rubles …