Azerbaijan Postage Stamps 1993

Date of issue Title Description Nominal Value Azermarka # Scott # Michel #
43819 Maiden tower - I. REVISION
43592 Overprint of new nominal value and name of the country of "Azerbaijan"on the stamp 159.
43550 The Independent Azerbaijan.
43498 Ecology of the Caspian Sea. Artwork: Yu.Artsimenev.An intaglio printing on chalk-overlay paper with glue. Perforation: 12:12.5. Size of the stamp 40x28 mm. Multicoloured. The landscape of the Caspian in sunset lights. An Oil derrick with pier. The text is in Azerbaijan Language "The Caspian Sea", the name of the States "Azerbaijan" also in the Latin letters. There are 36 (6x6 ) stamps in sheets. Circulation 2,3 mln. Printed in Moscow. The stamp 0159 was not in the mail circulation. The part of the circulation is reset by typographical way by postmark "Moscow PO. No. 2. 02. 1992 " 15 cop N0159