New Azerbaijan Republic Postage Stamps 2017

New Azerbaijan Republic Postage Stamps 2017
Union of Architects of Azerbaijan

Gasimbey Hajibababayov (1811-1874) – an architect of the nineteenth century, played a major role in shaping the city centre. The first Caucasian worked at the governmental and public institutions in the field of architecture and urban planning in the Russian Empire. In 1860-1868 he worked as the architect of the city of Baku. Participated in the planning and construction of the city, was awarded the ''St Anna'' - Order. Works - design of the first town square. "Parapet" (1868), and the city's seaside (1860-1861), the master plan of Shamakhi ( 1858-1859),  the theatre building in Shamakha (1858 ), hospital in Salyan city (1858-1859), a number of residential houses in Baku and other cities were built based on his design. In the last year of his life, he lived and worked in Shamakhi
Adolf Vasilyevich Eichler (1869-1911). In 1892-1911, a district architect in the Baku office (uprava). Works - The church, houses and chapel house buildings complex (1885-1897), Ashwnov  Mosque
(1899-1908), residential buildings and other facilities.
Lev Vladimirovich Rudnev (1885-1956) – An organiser of the Soviet Union's leading design institutions, an educator, author of important buildings in different cities of the Soviet Union and in Warsaw, first-class winner of the Stalin Prize. Works - Government House in Baku (co-authored with V. Munts and I. Tkachenko (1937). Oil Equipment House in Baku (1940)

Vesnin brothers: Victor Aleksandrovich (1882-1950) and Alexander Aleksandrovich (1883-1959). Soviet architects, the founders and the brightest representatives of the new architectural style. "constructivism" in the USSR. Works - master plans for the settlements of Balakhani (1929), Montin (1932-1934), Mammadyarov (1924-1926) and Razin (1932-1934),  palaces of culture in the Surakhani settlement, the Black City, the Bail settlement (in the 1920-1930s).
Anvar Alakbar lsmayilov (1916- 1988)- an Azerbaijan engineer, a member of the Board of the Union of Architects of Azerbaijan and the USSR. In 1942-1958, he held senior posts. In 1959 he was a Deputy Chairman of the State Construction Committee under the Council of Ministers of Azerbaijan Republic, in 1966-1986; he was the First Deputy of the Committee. Works – residential buildings in Nizami Street (1949-1950), the State Drama Theatre building in Nakchivan city (1949-1952), the State Circus building ( 1958-1960), “Neftchiler” metro station (1965), monuments: to J. Mammadguluzada ( 1968) ( 1968), Khurshud Banu Natavan ( 1959) in Nakhchivan and to M.A. Sabir  in Shamakhi ( 1956).
Hanifa Alisgandar Alasgarov (1912-1991). Honoured Builder of Azerbaijan, the USSR and the Azerbaijan SSR. State Prizes winner, an architect and Head of Department of the Azerbaijan State Design Institute “Azerdovlatlayiha” in 1936-1948, Head of the Studio of the "Azerdovlatlayiha" Institute in 1958-1962. Deputy Head of the Department of Architecture under the Council of Ministers of Azerbaijan in 1958-1962. Deputy Chairman of the Union of Architects of Azerbaijan in 1962-1967, Chief Architect of Baku City in 1967-1972. Works- master plan of Zagatala city (1949), master plan of Lankaran city (1947), a building of the Azerbaijan State Institute of Foreign Languages (1966), Memorial Complex "26 Baku Commissars" ( 1965-1968), "Qara Qarayev" Metro Station, a master plan for regeneration of lcherisheber, the historical centre of Baku ( 1969) 
Tahir Abdulla Abdullayev (1915-2004)- Honoured Engineer and Honoured Architect of Azerbaijan, winner of Prize of the Council of Ministers of the USSR and a number of state awards, Head of the State Design Institute "Azerdovlatlayiha" in 1951-1992. Works - Administrative building of the Apparatus of the Central Committee of the Azerbaijan CP (at present, the building of the Administration of the President of Azerbaijan (1982-1984), Sport and Concert Palace named after H. Aliyev (1985), Administrative building of the Milli Mejlis (Parliament) (1980), monument to N. Narimanov (1972)
Gbazanfar Madat Aiizadeh (1910-1994)- Doctor of Architecture. Honoured Builder.  Works - the building of the Azerbaijan State Academic Drama Theatre (1958), the main building of "Azerbaijanfilm" studio of (1960), residential buildings.
Talat Agasibay Khanlarov (1927-2004) – Honoured Architect of Azerba11an. Vice President of the International Academy of Architecture of the Eastern Countries, awarded with the orders "Honour" and "Glory'',  the State Prize laureate. Work "Baku Soviet" (now the "Old City")  (1967. co-author). "Ajami" ( 1979-1986) Metro Stations, the Music School named after Asar Zeynalli (1980), H. Aliyev Sport and Concert Palace (1982), administrative Building of the Nizam1 District Executive Committee (1985), composer Gara Garayev's gravestone Monument (1986), "Imam Reza" mosque (1992) in the Sabunchu settlement, a residential building for th employees of the Baku Prosecutor's Office ( 1997) and other projects.
Juzef Islam Gadimov (1928-2012) - an Azerbaijan engineer, full member of the International Academy of Architecture of the Eastern Countries, was a member of the Board of the Union of Architects. Works -"Baku Soviet" (now the "Old City")  metro Station ( 1967. co-author), the building of the Institute of Hist0ry of the Communist Party and the State party's archive (1972),  monument to N. Narimanov ( 1972), "Actor's House "(1974). Heydar Aliyev Sport and Concert Palace (1982), administrative building of the Ministry of National Security ( 1985), monument to J.Jabbarli (I 982) and monument to G.Jav1d (1993) and other projects.
Konstantin Ivanovich Senchikhin (1905-1985) - Honoured Architect of Azerbaijan,  for a long time was a Director of"Bak1mctrolayiha" Design Institute, was awarded the Order of Red Banner of Labour. Works -"Dinamo" sports complex (1932), Metro Stations: "Ganjlik" ( 1972), “The Eleventh Red Anny" (later renamed as "January 20" ( 1978), "Shah Ismail Khatai"(1 978); residential buildings "Monolith" ( 1936-1938), "Specialists' House " (1957), the building of the Trans-Caucasian Military District (1960).
Shafiga Mikayil Zeynalova (1922-1978)- Honoured Architect of Azerbaijan. Works - a 16-storey office Building in Shikhali Gurbanov Street (1966- 1974) (now the Ministry of Social Protection of population is accommodated in the building), the building of the Institute of History of the Communist Party and the  State Party's archive ( 1972), the reconstruction of the railway station in Baku ( 1974 ), monument to the cotton grower Sevil Gaziyeva (1971 ).
source: Azermarka album-Union of Architects of Azerbaijan