Revaluation metallic numbering box 15th Nov.1922

Revaluation of stamps with metallic numbering box (black color) 15th November.1922

Revaluation with numbering box # 3 (consist of 6 digits)

The width of the five digits (for comparison is taken surcharge "15000") is 18.5 mm, height: 5.75 mm, the width of the last three zero on the horizontal axis of the ellipse of 11 mm. Mentioned numbering box was used for the single 5 digit surcharge as 50.000 onto 5 rubles and for the all the rest 6 digit surcharges.

Image Nominal Price Description #SCOTT
surcharge onto 5 ruble 50.000 
surcharge onto 2 ruble 100.000
surcharge onto 10 ruble
surcharge onto 25 ruble
surcharge onto 3000 ruble
surcharge onto vertical tet-besh
surcharge onto horizontal tet-besh
surcharge onto combined tet-besh
surcharge onto
2000 ruble